Saturday, 22 September 2012

Who killed the electric car? – Video Reflection

Dale Wakeham

·      The majority of the 1st cars were electric then for 100 years nothing
·      In the 90s they started to reemerge as a viable form of automobile
·      California was very interested in evs because of there dangerous levels of smog in their air
·      Car companies didn’t want to advertise these types of cars because they would make redundant their strong links to the oil industry
·      Gm started to shut down the production of evs and shut it fully in 2001
·      Auto industry are very good at resisting change and fighting politicians
·      Government started endorsing hydrogen fuel cells instead of evs
·      California killed its electric car mandate in 2003
·      Gm took back all the ev1s
·      They crushed all the ev1s
·      Lots of conspiracies to who killed the electric car
·      Where the batteries the problem, longer range actually needed?
·      They didn’t install the best batteries at first then the oil companies bought the battery technology to suppress it
·      Did the oil companies interfere because they saw evs as a threat to their monopoly
·      Why would the car companies campaign so hard against their own programs
·      Instead gm launched the hummer which obviously is at the opposite values to evs because it was easier to create hype and increase the demand of oil
·      The government didn’t what evs to spread from California to the rest of America
·      Government massive influences the fuel economy of cars in the 70s they passed a bill and car became 50% more efficient in 10 years but then since the 0s there hasn’t been any major increases
·      Us started funding hybrid cars but then at the change of presidency it was dropped but this got the Japanese nervous so they started dramatically increase development of their hybrid cars
·      It took a law to get seatbelts, catalytic converters, air bags so we need a law to change the pollution of cars
·      Hydrogen: very very expensive cars, cant hold enough hydrogen to get the proper distance, hydrogen is expensive, new petrol station, hope other technology doesn’t get better
·      Car companies may to much money in internal combustion engines to facilitate a change
·      It’s the consumers, the batteries, the government, hydrogen, etc are all guilty of killing the electric car
·      But oil price continue to soar, foreign oil is getting more difficult, global warming it building
·      Plug in hybrids are the logical next step

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