Friday, 3 August 2012

Dale Wakeham - Inconvenient truth: Due 6th August

An increase in the carbon dioxide level is directly related in an increase in temperature

Increases in temperature cause the oceans to heat up which causes larger storms to develop over it

The temperature and Co2 levels are significantly higher that ever in recordable history

These levels are predicted to increase experientially to quickly make earth uninhabitable if C02 levels aren’t lowered

Very large storms and natural disasters are getting more intense and more frequent

Icecaps have diminished by 40% in 40 years

Arctic is heat up the quicker than any other region

Seasons are changing; winters are getting shorter

Just the relatively recent small increase in summer lengths are creating problems for animals cause their numbers to diminish and number of parasites to increase to fill the ecological ‘hole’ that the past animals created when they passed

Antarctica’s iceshelfs are disappearing rapidly due to the pools of water appearing them
If the iceshelfs on the west of Antarctic collapsed the sea would raise 20ft, this is true if the same happened in Greenland

Lots of large ‘pools’ of ice are forming in the ice in Greenland

Just a 20ft rise in water level would cause very large amounts of countries would just disappear

Population in the large 100 years have increase enormously, which increase the need for more energy putting more and more pressure on the earth

New technology using old un-moral, un-environmental habits can cause massive variably consequences
The US is the biggest contributor to C02 by far

Scientific scepticism of global warming being fake is very minimal, whereas popular press scepticism is greater than half, making global warming appear very confusing to most of the public
In the eye of the US government they choose to not accept global warming because it would cost to much money

America is behind the rest of the world in car petrol economy and their laws do not ban bad fuel economy because it’ll put to much strain on the manufacturers and will go broke

America can’t see their cars in Japan because their fuel economies are below that enforced as the minimum by their laws

Using good fuel economy cars, more efficient appliances and other fuel saving dramatically reduce C02 production

US have not signed the Kyoto agreement

The only thing stopping change is government

We fixed the ozone by cutting down on CFC production; global warming like this can be fixed

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