Sunday, 12 August 2012

Focus Group Feedback

What are the issues, difficulties or problems that my peer group found in understanding or interacting with my design, as expressed by my mockup and posters?
  • ·      better communication as to how the cap operates
  • ·      be able to connect multiple bottles end to end to create a "train" opposed to just a car
  • ·      include manufacturing information
  • ·      include material specifications
  • ·      point of sale information
  • ·      put concept in a clearer context
  • ·      sheet titles & information
  • ·      add product to hand / holding human interaction
  • ·      more juices in range - black current, apple, etc

What are my strategies for addressing the issues found? What steps should I take to ensure that my posters communicate the merits of my design in the best possible way for the Cormack industry critique next week?
  • ·      CAD renderings
  • ·      exploded views
  • ·      better communication
  • ·      break pages into segments
  • ·      more / better titles / captions
  • ·      "moulded in" instructions

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